LINKUP Ltd is a well-established business supplying high quality school uniforms. We can supply direct to your school or set up an internet based shop for your school, and supply parents directly. LINKUP Ltd also has a factory shop where purchases of schoolwear can be made directly.

LINKUP Ltd embroiders in-house at our factory unit. This ensures the supply of high quality uniforms, branded professionally at competitive costs. It also means we can supply schoolwear quickly when needed.

LINKUP Ltd are members of the Schoolwear Association, and invest in school associated projects including Young Enterprise who inspire school students to succeed through enterprise. We see our work with local schools as a community service opportunity and not just a business relationship. We have all had children who are enrolled in and have attended local schools, and are keen to promote keen prices and parental choice. We also train apprentices in house in trade embroidery skills and techniques.

If you would like to discuss you requirements with us please email us at [email protected] or call 01252 343127 and we can arrange free of charge samples and a formal quotation.